How to Sell Your House Privately Without an Estate Agent

Do you have plans to sell the house and at the same time minimize the cost of selling? Then the best way you could achieve this is by eliminating the agent as their commission charges are very high and you could save that much money easily. But before you put the house for sale, you need to do all the repair work done and renovate the old things which are old and worn out. You could take the help of SuperStructures to get the work done. Below mentioned are a few points one should take care if you plan to sell the house without a middleman.

Set realistic price- Many people have a wrong belief that their house is worth more than they actually are. You need to keep the emotions aside and set the sale price on the basis of facts and data. The estimate of the house’s worth is based on different factors like a number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage, the location of the house, etc.

Advertise- Now there are numerous options of advertising for home sellers. You can list the house on various websites that buy and sell the property, give ads on newspaper, use social media and so on.

Give a detailed description of the house– Whenever you list the house; try to include photos of interior and exterior of the house. Give a description of the house in detail like a number of rooms, any new renovation is done, etc.

Hold open house- You can arrange an open house as a means to advertise your home. Post signs in the neighborhood or put an ad in the local newspaper about the details of the open house. Keep brochure about the house and offer light refreshments for the visitors.

Be patient- You need to be patient and should revisit the marketing strategy and asking price. Also, ensure that the house is widely listed so that it reaches many people.

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