Self Build Mortgages – How to Compare & Save On Your Self Build Home

Buying a home vs. building one from scratch involves different types and sizes of expenses. When you buy a house you might need the whole amount in one shot. But when you build a house depending on the expenses involved in each stage of the building process you might need different loan sizes. Self-build mortgages are therefore slightly different in their structure than conventional home mortgages. There could be multiple stages defined by the bank or lending institution. Here are the common stages in which loan amounts are disbursed-

  • Purchase of the plot of land
  • Laying of the building foundation
  • Framework construction
  • Plumbing, electrical and other hardware fixtures
  • Finishing touches and furnishing of the house

When you buy a small product online you can compare the price of various online portals and get the best deal by using coupons from Couponobox. But when you choose a self-build mortgage how do you compare your options?

Check whether the lending institution offers the desired loan amount after completion and inspection of each stage or before the inception of each stage. This is probably the first thing to compare based on the budget you have at hand. Given that most of the lending institutions impose higher mortgage rates for the self-build loans than the conventional home loans make sure that you do a thorough comparison of the total price of the loan before choosing it.

Consider the LTV or loan to value percentage offered by the chosen self-build mortgage. If you have a very little budget at hand and wish to get a larger amount from the bank’s contribution you would need a self-build mortgage with a large maximum LTV value.

To understand the cost of the mortgage itself the money that you spend, you should also compare the cost for comparison between the shortlisted self-build mortgage options.

Finally, compare the initial rate and the subsequent SVR or standard variable rates applicable. This would help you understand interest rates that would determine your monthly installments in the long run.…

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Here’s How to Sell Your Home in 2019’s Difficult Market

Right from using the best sanitary fitting like ToiletSquad’s Top 7 rated toilets or another type of furnishings for the house, there are plenty of things that homeowners do to increase the home value. As several experts say that the housing markets in the year 2019 might not grow as much as it did the previous years, it might not be too easy to sell a house in such a market. So if you have plans to sell your house in the year 2019, or in any difficult market for that matter, here are a few things you can do –

Increase the value of the home

Home value can be increased in several ways. Even a fresh coat of paint that makes your house sparkle can have a significant improvement in its value. If there are pending repairs get them done either by yourself or with the help of a professional. A home that needs very few repairs, one that is ready to move in is the one that is likely to be sold fast.

Use social media

Besides getting your house listed in the local listing websites to use social media as well. There are plenty of real estate groups on social media and pages that allow you to post listings about houses for sale. These are the quickest ways to attract potential buyers.

Get the right agent

A real estate agent might be slightly expensive to hire. But if you are looking to shorten the time required to sell the house then choosing a reliable real estate agent is the easiest way to do it.

Make your listings stand out

Use the best photographs of the house and highlight the notable features when you post your listings. This increases the chances of the listing getting noticed.…

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9 Reasons Custom Closets Should be in a New Home

When you are buying a new house or moving into a newly constructed house, you are about to start a new beginning. Time to make new memories, a new life, routine, etc. this is a house you have customized to fit all your needs and suits the taste and preferences of everyone in the family.

Custom Made Closets

So, does this house require off the mill closets that are found in all houses you rent or should they be customized? The answer is yes. Here are 9 reasons why:

  1. When you are building a closet to your needs, all your requirements can be met. You will be able to get just the right wardrobe for all those clothes and accessories.
  2. You can have a separate place for each category; like one for your clothes, one for accessories, one for your bags, etc. as you are customizing the wardrobe, you can do it to your convenience.
  3. You need not go with the regular structure of shelves on one side or shelves in the bottom and rods on tops, etc. You can have a shelf on top for things you hardly use and a rod beneath it so that you can hang your clothes with eases and won’t have to reach up too high.
  4. The closet can be customized to suit the décor of the room or be a contrast in the room, whatever you choose.
  5. You can mix and match ideas from a number of closets you have seen all your years and have the best brought together in one place.
  6. It is very cost effective when you get it customized upfront, rather than add in more racks or change things around later. Alterations are always expensive and time-consuming.
  7. As you plan the wardrobe you can plan what to store whereas this is how you will be designing the wardrobe.
  8. You can have a separate row or rack for all those fancy and expensive bags you spent so much time and money on, buying from
  9. You can have safe boxes or secret compartments to keep your valuables in.
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The Best Home Improvements That (Really) Add Value Before You Sell

The money spent on home improvements before you sell the home is very worthy.  Because it really adds more value to the sale price of your home.  You get back the amount spent for sure.  These renovations will attract more buyers.  You can make the following improvements easily without making much change in the basic design of the house:

Bathroom renovation:  Changing the bathroom tiles, closets etc. will give new look.  Get rid of rusty pipes and pipelines.  Set right all the leakages.  If required, you can replace the small cabins in the bathroom for storing cosmetics.

Adding cabins to the kitchen:  Replacing the kitchen counters can give a fresh look to the kitchen.  You can repair the worn-out cabins.  If space permits add new shelves.

Flooring:  If the existing flooring of the house is in damaged condition, you can replace them with wooden flooring.  Matt finish can ensure that the floor is not slippery.

Improving water quality:  Even beautiful houses with poor water quality do not sell.  Use a well filtration system, to improve the water quality easily.  Availability of good water will make the house most sought-after property.

Basement renovation:  If the house has an unused basement, you can renovate it into a home bar.

Repairs and painting:  Ensure that to set right all the broken and worn out parts on the interior as well as on the outside of the house.

Attic remodeling:  You can remodel the attic into a sleeping nook.

Garden landscaping:  The outside garden is the first thing that captures the eyes of the buyer.  Make sure you maintain it clean.  Simple landscaping will improve the looks of the entire house.

Door and window replacement:  If the existing doors and windows are in bad condition, it is mandatory to replace them.  Select sturdy doors.  For the windows, select frames made of lightweight materials which are rust free and long lasting.

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Top Tips for Selling your Home on a budget

We know that being on a budget and still renovating the house is very difficult. However, it is critical that your house looks very beautiful and appealing in order to sell it at a higher price. So it is ironical, that even though you are not going to stay there, you still need to renovate it. Here are some tips for selling your house when you do not have enough money.

  1. Try to find the going rate in the area so that you know how much to expect from the sale and how much do you want to invest in the renovations.
  2. Try to remove clutter and move most of your personal stuff out of the house before renovating and putting it up for sale. It will make the house look spacious and neat. You can clean up the spaces and kitchen and ensure that there are no leaking faucets and tangled wires around the house.
  3. You can plan this renovation in phases so that there is no sudden workload or chaos and the things get done slowly in a disciplined manner.
  4. You can do a lot of work yourself, like painting the kitchen cabinets, garage, and You can look at at for simple and easy to use tools and machines that can help you to complete the paint job within a day and within your budget.
  5. The exterior of the house is very important too. It can be cleaned and painted, the lawn should be mowed and weeds removed. This will add to the value of the house.
  6. Brighten your house. So use better lights to make it look appealing. Similarly, use latest paint hues to add to its beauty. Focus on various rooms and you can create different themes as well.

When you want to sell your house, you need to make it more appealing to the prospective buyers and that is the only way you can get a higher price. A little sprucing up and painting can do that marvelous trick in very little time and it is amazingly inexpensive.

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How to Sell Your House Privately Without an Estate Agent

Do you have plans to sell the house and at the same time minimize the cost of selling? Then the best way you could achieve this is by eliminating the agent as their commission charges are very high and you could save that much money easily. But before you put the house for sale, you need to do all the repair work done and renovate the old things which are old and worn out. You could take the help of SuperStructures to get the work done. Below mentioned are a few points one should take care if you plan to sell the house without a middleman.

Set realistic price- Many people have a wrong belief that their house is worth more than they actually are. You need to keep the emotions aside and set the sale price on the basis of facts and data. The estimate of the house’s worth is based on different factors like a number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage, the location of the house, etc.

Advertise- Now there are numerous options of advertising for home sellers. You can list the house on various websites that buy and sell the property, give ads on newspaper, use social media and so on.

Give a detailed description of the house– Whenever you list the house; try to include photos of interior and exterior of the house. Give a description of the house in detail like a number of rooms, any new renovation is done, etc.

Hold open house- You can arrange an open house as a means to advertise your home. Post signs in the neighborhood or put an ad in the local newspaper about the details of the open house. Keep brochure about the house and offer light refreshments for the visitors.

Be patient- You need to be patient and should revisit the marketing strategy and asking price. Also, ensure that the house is widely listed so that it reaches many people.

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Student Loans AndFinance: How To Pay For A Degree

At, one thing is discussed about the ways to pay off a student loan. This is the loan that was taken to finance a degree and one thing are true about paying off a student loan and that is that it is a big commitment.

The student loan

The payments towards student loans seem to be going forever. But that will not be the case if you find ways to change the repayment strategy and pay off the debt faster.

There are various ways in which the financing can be done and the debt paid off faster.

Pay more than the minimum amount

This is one great way to reduce the debt. If you have any extra money then pay it towards the student loan. Anything extra that you pay helps to lower the principal amount of the loan.

Do your own math

When will you be debt free from your student loan? If you do not know that then find it out. This will let you manage the debt and try to make it come closer.


To be able to refinance your loan is the best way to pay off any student loan fast. This helps to decrease the rate of interest and thus more money that you pay goes towards covering the student loan. If you have multiple loans then consolidate them so that you need to make just one monthly payment. This will help to decrease the rate of interest and help to close the loan faster.

Use the raises

You will get yearly raises in your job and instead of wasting that money in buying a TV or partying, use it to clear off your loan payment. This will let you decrease the tenure of the loan. You will even get an option to lower the EMI but it is smart if you choose to lower the tenure instead.

Work out ways to close the student loan faster. This will let you be debt free soon and make better purchases or investments with the free money.…

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Top 10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

Regardless of how astounding within your house appears, purchasers are as of now making decisions prior to even strolling through the entryway. You can look at the improvements to appreciate your house’s value.

  1. Price it correctly

It garners genuine bravery and most merchants simply would prefer not to hazard it, yet it’s the absolute best technique to offer a house in the present market.

  1. Half-empty storerooms

Capacity is what each purchaser is searching for and can never be satisfied of. Remove a large portion of the items from the storerooms and sort out the remaining stuff neatly.

  1. Sufficient lightings

Great light is what each purchaser refers to that they need in a house. Do what is required to make your house splendid and sprightly.

  1. Get the specialist

Ensure you have a dealer that can be obtained from blocked drains, who is completely aware of what’s happening. Locate an agent who grasps innovation, who is an educated one and has numerous instruments to sell your house.

  1. Cover the critters

Purchasers would prefer not to stroll into your house and see pooch nourishment, or have pet hair adhered to their garments. It will provide purchasers the feeling that your home isn’t spotless.

  1. Avoid over- overhauling

Handy solutions prior to auctioning dependably do well. Conduct refreshes that will satisfy and benefit you as much as possible.

  1. Take the personal belongings out of your house

De-personalizing your house is the best thing to do before offering for sale. The more close to home items, the lesser purchasers can envision themselves residing there.

  1. The kitchen starts first

The advantages of renovating your kitchen are perpetual, and its best piece is that you will likely get the greater part of your cash in return.

  1. Always be prepared to display

Always your home should be prepared to showcase as no one can tell when the purchaser will stroll through the entryway.

  1. The initial introduction is the main impression

However great the inside of your house appears, purchasers have made a decision about your house prior to strolling through the entryway.…

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Property for Sale: How to Improve Your House Before You Sell

People always want to acquire new properties and multiply their wealth by selling their old properties. In order to reap the expected money from the buyers, one must have to improve the condition of the old property by doing some renovations. Else getting buyers will become very hard. Few things to be considered before selling your old property:

  1. The property should shine like very new and it will be possible only by giving an attractive color painting to the whole property. So, it is better to choose the best and quality paint which will last longer.
  2. The property may have some internal and external repairs and the owners should get all those repairs done before selling it to others.
  3. The seller has to check all the necessary connections like water and electricity pipes are fine. Nowadays the sellers fix the lights and fans in every room and they add the cost of it in the selling price of the property. There is a Local ceiling fans supplier based in Singapore who can provide high quality tested ceiling fans and the buyers can even purchase from them.
  4. We should try to clean the houses before we hand over it to others. The buyers will expect their properties to be neat and clean before they purchase.
  5. There should not be any bad odor in the property and so the seller can spray some fragrances which will impress the buyers.
  6. We should try to make the kitchen very elegant because the kitchen is the main room we mostly use. So try to make the kitchen modular with high-quality chimneys and gas stoves.
  7. The owner should choose the right broker or agent to sell the property because the agent should show all the things to the buyers in an attractive and lucrative manner so that the buyers will come forth to grab the property.


Thus, to conclude buying and selling properties is not an easy task. We have to do all the needed steps in a perfect way so that we can yield profits. So, try to follow the above tricks and sell the property properly.…

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Top Things Not to Forget When Viewing a Property

Moving to a new home can be an exciting journey. Every home buyer looks for the best option that fetches a good value for the money being spent while also turning out to be a safe and convenient nest for the family. So while viewing a property, here are a few things to look at –

  1. Is it being sold as is?

If the home is being sold as is, there would be a disclosure form given citing all the pending repairs. The price of the home might be less in this case but consider the cost of the repairs.

  1. Are there leakages and seepages to be checked?

Leakages and seepages might not be evident at the first glance. Look for wet patches or discolorations on the walls. Mold smells might also indicate possible dampness.

  1. Soundness of the structure

Avoid homes with too many cracks. Hairline cracks are common but larger ones close to the terrace or the roofs might all give a lot of trouble later on.

  1. How is the health of the wiring

Electrical wiring inspection should be done to check whether all the sockets are working.

  1. Plumbing inspections

Check whether there are any leaky taps or faucets that need to be replaced.

  1. Hire a professional if required

For a thorough inspection, there are professionals in this field who can help you understand the best price for the home,

Whether it is a home being sold as is or whether the seller does all the repairs, you might still need to be equipped with the right tools in order to give your new home a few touch ups. These tools would also be handy when you carry out renovation projects in the future. I got verellenhc from here and this is a wonderful site that gives you plenty of reviews on products used around the house.…

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Why an Apartment Is the Better First Home Buy in 2018

While purchasing your first home is definitely an exciting experience, it is quite intimidating and challenging too at the same time. This whole decision of picking a property and investing a whole lot of money can actually make you nervous as never in dreams you want the deal to backfire in any way. As there are unlimited options available today to buy homes – from apartments to bungalows – it has become quite confusing for most of the buyers to select what kind of property would suit them.

However, as building or buying a bungalow involves a lot of time and money, more and more buyers are now getting drifted towards investing in suitable apartments. Do you wish to know why buying an apartment is wiser than investing in a proper huge house? If yes, then read our suggestions shared below.

How investing in the apartment is advantageous

Few reasons that lure more of apartment buyers include-

  • Easy to afford: When compared to affording a bungalow, investing money in an apartment is way too easy and comfortable. The loans are conveniently available, making the whole process quicker and supervised.

  • Low maintenance: One of the main reasons why purchasing an apartment is a better idea is the low maintenance cost attached to it. You do not have to spend a lot of money to keep the premises clean and unspoiled. Just investing a couple of minutes every day would be enough to keep the house sparkling all the time.

  • Limited renovation: When it comes to an apartment, there are very fewer chances of you being able to conduct some kind of renovation. You cannot extend the given property and whatever renovation may be required will stay restricted in the interior only. S, you save money in this aspect as well.

  • Perfect investment: Even if you are buying an apartment for investment purpose, it is ideal since selling an apartment is way easier than selling off a bungalow later.

If such benefits are kept in mind, your experience of buying a property would be as comfortable as ordering useful items from successful brands like lockthecock.

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Important Factors To Consider When Buying a New Home

Home is where your heart is and buying a home is in everyone’s wish list. Everyone dreams of having a perfect home but to make it perfect there are some points that you must consider. Let’s see what these factors are-

#1 Does It Have You Wanted In Your Dream Home

This is the number one aspect you should look for because you are going to spend all your hard-earned money. Make sure the property has all things just like you dreamed so you won’t regret it later. Such as if you dreamed of waking with the sun, enjoying coffee on the balcony, hearing the chirping of birds, etc.

#2 What About The Location

Location is the second most important factor, you can make the home as you want but you can’t change location. So finalize your deal only if the location suits your needs. Make sure it is a good location and not like a barren place.

#3 Is Neighborhood Good?

A good neighborhood will always give you peace of mind and a wrong one can ruin it all. No matter how fabulous looking the home is, do not go if the neighborhood does not suit you. Take a walk or drive and visit all the surroundings.

#4 Natural Lighting

Home is special and worth spending if it uses natural light to light the room even when there is no electricity. Also, you get discounts on electricity bill because natural light does the work for you. A countryside home is always a great example of this.

#5 Check The Infrastructure

While you take a ride, make sure you get all the facilities nearby. Such as a hospital, supermarket, transportation, internet connectivity, parks, etc. lack of care in these areas can make you helpless in the long run.

#6 Crime Rate

Collect some information on the crime rate in the area. You can also use websites like, enter the area and see if it feels safe to buy there. Have some talk to your neighbors and conclude.

#7 Is House Inspected?

A home should always be inspected and if it is not then you can ask the owner to provide it. This will save you bucks at any future maintenance of the home. Also, read out the NYC Local Law 11 that is all about the inspection of homes before buying them.

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Tips For Understanding Photo Realistic 3D Rendering For Real Estate

Real estate has come a long way not only in the way the buildings are built but also the way they are projected and marketed. This industry has not been immune to the technological advancement in the field of computers either.

Today when you go and visit a property or a company’s website to buy or invest in a piece of land or building itself, you are mostly shown an image of the site. What used to be two dimensional has now become three dimensional, thus enabling you to have a better idea about the place you are going to invest your money in.

Of the many places available in Australia, brisbane architectural visualisation has the best service when it comes to 3D rendering. They are able to put your thoughts and ideas in images and bring it to life. You have a clear view and a good idea of how your ideas and drawings will be in reality.

3D Rendering For Real Estate

Here is one basic yet very useful tip to attain photorealistic 3D renders when it comes to real estates:

If you are creating a 3D drawing of some idea, then you can be a little creative and give the ideas a life and form. However, if you are creating an image of an existing object, say a piece of land or a building that has been constructed already, get as many details as possible.

The more the details the more realistic it will look. Be it a tree or a mountain in the back, pay attention to the details and include them in your drawings. When a person looks at a 3D render of a real estate, they will not only look at the main subject but also the surroundings. If the main object is well done and the background looks too sharp or odd, people will know this is only a graphic image and this might affect the property value.…

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Tips Finding The Best Estate Agent

Planning to buy or sell a property? The best way to go forward is to get some professional help. Having a real estate agent by your side can reduce a lot of stress for you and also ensure your work is executed well. You can find a number of such agents online at websites like, etc.

Here is what you should look for in your real estate agent


The first and foremost important factor to consider is the experience of the real estate agent. They need not be old but a well experienced person will know their way in and around the system. They will know how things have changed over the years and this expertise could be very useful if the property in consideration is old.


Many agents work as individuals and many have a team. The individuals will employ others from time to time based on work requirement. This may cause some delays or issues if they are not able to get hold of the right people. As a result, your deal may get delayed or affected.

When you go to a person with a tem, they will enough number of people to attend to various details of the deal. Be it the accounting, paperwork, legal proceedings, drafting the documents, etc, a well established concern with a team will have enough number of experienced people to handle it. This will make your deal smooth and easy.

Bargain Power

A good agent must be able to bargain a good deal for you. When you talk to the prospective agent, see if he is good in his talking and bargaining skills. Else, you may have to sit and bargain a good price for yourself while the agent collects his fee and walks away.

Whether you are selling or buying, money is of prime importance. A person with good marketing and bargaining skills will be able to get you a good deal.…

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Property Buying: How to Make an Offer That Will Be Accepted in 2018

Try the following tips to make an undeniable offer for buying your dream home in 2018:

Proof for down payment: Show the proof for down payment which is readily available with you.  Once the seller is convinced of your financial soundness, a major point is achieved.  As life lesson quotes say ‘A budget tells us what we cannot afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it’.  Buying a house is a major investment in everyone’s life.  Hence convincing the seller in financial aspect is important.

Offer for free occupancy:  If the seller is self-occupying the house, offer a limited period of free occupancy days.  This will give him time to complete the sale process and relocate elsewhere smoothly and he will tend to accept your offer.

Do not bargain unreasonably:  Do not make unreasonable borrowings which might result in rejecting your offer.

Act fast:  If you feel like you can move ahead, act fast and make the offer.  Otherwise, someone else will.  Once you feel like buying the house, immediately take the next solid steps like discussing down-payment and other terms. Acting fast will help the seller get convinced that you have a genuine interest to buy the house.

Sentiments:  Inspect the property with your family.  Also while making the offer, tell the seller that you want to settle with your loved ones in a peaceful home.  All these things impress a seller.  Though money is the basic need to sell a property, all are humans who value emotions.

Market research:  Make good market research.  Collect information and speak confidently.

Pre-approval from the lender:  Once you decide to buy a property, get pre-approval from a lender.  You can show that to the seller.  This will be an added advantage since the seller will be assured of the smooth and fast settlement of the price.…

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